Do you have experience setting up an e-mail listserver?

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 52.

For many years the Campaign has made heavy use of e-mail list facilities provided by Yahoo! Groups. We now have around ten such e-mail lists, e.g. members’ discussions, subgroups such as the Cycle Parking Subgroup, and the heavily-used Committee list.

Recently we have had a few problems with archiving messages, including the non-archiving of attachments (mainly the Committee list). As a result, we would like to bring the running of e-mail lists in-house.

Although this would result in a small increase in costs due to the purchase of additional hosting, it would give the Campaign more flexibility and control in the running of its lists. It would also ensure we do not remain hostage to whatever Yahoo! wish to do with their facility. Indeed, we are surprised that they have not yet started charging.

Ideally we require an open-source or freeware Linux-based listserver, with web-based administration tools, posting security configuration and a web-based searchable archive. The proposal would be to set up an additional subdomain on new hosting, and to import the 15,000 or so archived messages from the existing lists into the new list system.

If you have experience in setting up and running a listserver, or can offer advice, please do get in contact with me via our usual contact details.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator