This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 52.

According to provisional figures there were no fatal cycling accidents on Cambridgeshire’s roads in 2003. Thanks to the County Council for that information.

Bike Week 2004 logo

This year, 12-20 June will be Bike Week. As in recent years, we’ll be working with a number of colleagues from the City and County Councils to organise events. As always, we welcome help and ideas for events. Our first planning meeting happened in January, so there will be more news in the next Newsletter. In the meantime, if you are interested in helping to organise an event yourself, e.g. at a workplace or school, you’ll find useful information at

Additional cycle parking is to be installed in King Street (near the Champion of the Thames pub) and Eden Street (adjacent to Fitzroy Street) thanks to the Cycle Theft Reduction Project.

In a welcome safety move, new regulations banning the use of hand-held mobile phones whilst driving came into effect on 1 December 2003. The offence applies to all motor vehicles, thereby specifically excluding non-motorised traffic, i.e. bikes. In its summary of responses to the original consultation, the government said “Although some respondents suggested that it should be extended to cyclists, we do not consider this is a significant problem that justifies extending the offence to non-motorised traffic.” However, the police still have powers to deal with careless or dangerous cycling.