Station developments

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 52.

The proposed closure of Spillers Mill has put the whole station area redevelopment back in the melting pot once again.
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It seems years since I first wrote in the Newsletter about proposed major developments in this area. I’m hoping this will be the last dose of ma�ana, and it is possible that if you are a Councillor you will already have had a glimpse of the proposals.

We’ve had proposals from Railtrack which bit the dust with its demise, then we had a planning brief which was virtually torn up when the Spillers mill site became available, and now we’ve proposals from Ashwell Properties in conjunction with the ‘Properties’ bit of Network Rail.

Cambridge Station Cycles is now offering ‘valet’ cycle parking at its expanded shop at the railway station. We welcome this initiative, though it will be interesting to discover how many cyclists are prepared to pay £1.50 (£300 for an annual season) for the extra security, convenience and speed. This compares with £4.00 (£552 for an annual season) for parking a car.
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There may well be issues with some of the proposals for improved cycle access that we’ve put to the developers’ transport consultants. These involve some of what is currently ‘operational’ land (or redundant sidings to you and me), but given the huge developments here, which in the longer term may involve a new platform on the other side, we think nothing should be ruled out. On a more positive note, we do have high hopes for a new cycle parking facility of the type you would expect to see at a similar station in Holland.

Jim Chisholm