Cycleway signs

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 52.

Since last May, Simon Nuttall (at the City Council) has been developing a proposal to replace Cambridge’s ageing network of blue cycleway signs.

Cycle direction signs to be redesigned.
Image as described adjacent

When the current collection of signs was planned, the philosophy was basically ‘all routes go via the City Centre’ which worked well for the cycle network at the time. Since then, Cambridge has expanded somewhat, and there are plenty more useful links to be signposted.

There has been a series of meetings involving officers from both the City and County Councils, and Cycling Campaign representatives. It quickly became apparent that it would be impossible to have signs both to and from every area of the city. So we concentrated initially on general principles. These include:

  • The need to sign radial routes.
  • The need to sign shortcuts and useful links. (These signs will also benefit pedestrians.)
  • The need for signs to include widely recognisable names.
  • The importance of including distances (in miles).
  • The need to include National Cycle Network route numbers once routes are in place.

It is hoped that the project will also eventually lead to a new cycle map of Cambridge, and to some information boards and maps being placed in strategic locations around the city.

The next stage will be the detailed planning of the locations and contents of each sign.

Clare Macrae