Sustrans talk

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 51.

Sustrans Director John Grimshaw gave a talk in Cambridge on 12 November about the progress of the National Cycling Network (NCN). He announced that the ‘Grand Opening’ of the next expansion of these routes is expected to take place in Cambridge in September 2005.

This means the pressure is on to complete a number of the routes that converge on Cambridge before that date. Sustrans is making an application to the Government for extra funds to ensure this objective.

Sustrans would like Cambridge Cycling Campaign to be one of the partners in the venture of this Grand Opening. Details of NCN routes, both existing and proposed, can be seen at

There have also been discussions about a number of new routes around Cambridge to provide leisure routes out of the city, and better routes for those cycle-commuting to and from villages around the city. These are likely to be promoted under the name ‘Cam Cycle Rings’, and will include the NCN routes for completion by 2005 and extra links to villages, and places such as the Imperial War Museum and Wicken Fen.

Jim Chisholm

Image as described adjacent

Sustrans’ planned National Cycle Network routes near Cambridge and possible Cam Cycle Rings.