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This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 51.

Vital route reprieved until January

The Cambridge Area Joint Committee has delayed yet again a decision on whether to remove the cycle lanes from a 350 m section of Milton Road between Woodhead Drive and King’s Hedges Road to make room for an outbound bus lane. Councillors accepted our view that council officers have not provided enough information to justify this bus lane, and told them to carry out additional surveys of bus delays. Councillors will consider the results of these surveys in January and decide then whether to go ahead with this scheme.

Useful route saved

Illegal parking on Abbey Walk.
Image as described adjacent

Following objections from the Campaign and local residents, the proposal to convert Abbey Walk to a one way street – with no exemption for cyclists – has been withdrawn. We understand that any future proposals for this street are likely to maintain this useful local link for two-way cycling.

More city centre changes

Following the completion of the part-time closure of Silver Street, the County Council is now looking at making major changes in yet another area of the city centre. Councillors have decided to hold preliminary consultations on a scheme to reduce traffic in Regent Street in order to speed up buses. The proposals involve closing the eastern end of Downing Street to motor traffic during the evening peak and diverting cars leaving Lion Yard car park down Tennis Court Road instead. This would mean making Downing Street two-way for the short length between the car park exit and Tennis Court Road. The one way flow of motor traffic at the south end of Tennis Court Road would be reversed to cater for this. In addition, motor vehicles driving along Regent Street towards the City Centre would be prevented from proceeding beyond the junction with Park Terrace. Buses and taxis would as usual be exempt from all these restrictions. These plans are at an early stage and we will be looking at them very closely.

More West Cambridge changes

Councillors want to reduce delays to buses in Madingley Road and Queen’s Road by diverting them through the local streets instead, and have approved for consultation a number of measures to make this possible. Buses would run along Wilberforce Road (where the existing closure would be replaced by rising bollards), Adams Road (where parking would be removed from one side), Grange Road and West Road. Traffic signals would be introduced at the junction of West Road with Queen’s Road, with a toucan crossing to help cyclists get across to Queens’ Green. An alternative route via Sidgwick Avenue will also be included in the consultation.

South Cambridge

There’s one scheme to report this month that is expressly intended to benefit cyclists. This is route 11 of the National Cycle Network, which will run south from the city centre towards Addenbrooke’s and ultimately to London. Consultation is currently in progress on the first section of this route, between Mill Lane and Brooklands Avenue via Coe Fen. The route starts at the Garden House Hotel and then runs through Coe Fen behind the Fitzwilliam Museum. It then crosses Fen Causeway at a new toucan and continues behind the Leys School to meet the existing path from Newnham to Brooklands Avenue. The new path will be rather narrow (1.8 m shared with pedestrians) and will be unlit. Comments to John Isherwood.

Traffic calming news

The traffic calming scheme proposed for the Alpha Road and Hertford Street area has been abandoned following objections from the Campaign and local residents. The scheme included a number of pinch points which would have made these streets less easy for cyclists.

Construction work has now finished on a traffic calming scheme in the Alex Wood Road area. We welcomed this modest scheme, which consists of two zebra crossings, two mini-roundabouts, a raised table and some parking restrictions, on the grounds that it would slow the traffic, improve visibility and still leave plenty of room for cars and bikes to keep out of each others’ way.

Address for comments: Coe Fen

John Isherwood
Senior Engineer, Cambridge City Council,
The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3LQ