Norwich wheels on the train

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 51.

Four members of Norwich Cycling Campaign came down to Cambridge on a typically autumnal Sunday at the end of October. This was the return of the exchange visit that started with the opening of the direct Norwich to Cambridge rail link last year. Three of the visitors are also members of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and so Sarah (who is a former Stall officer) dubbed it the ‘Coals to Newcastle’ ride. This was a chance to show off some of the Campaign’s achievements and frustrations to our neighbours and share ideas.

Nigel Deakin led the tour, which took in the dreadfully inadequate cycle parking at the railway station, the wonderful cycle bridge over the railway (which is woefully missing a ramp into the station), part of the Cambridge South East Cycle Route (crossing Gonville Place at Gresham Road) and the campaign’s success at keeping rush hour parking out of Regent’s Terrace. Much admiration of the still under-used Park Street Cycle Park, the rising bollards and then out onto West Cambridge via the new toucan Crossing of Queen’s Road on the Backs. We discovered that the cycle parking at the Computer Laboratory is now even better with a paved surface. After exchanging campaigning stories over pizza in Jesus Lane we just had time to show off the Newmarket Road cycle filter lights and the Sustrans route before threading back to the station for farewells.

As this was a hastily organised event there’ll be a more full visit from Norwich again early next year, when for instance we should be able to ride over the new A14 bridge.

Simon Nuttall