Spot the cycle path, number 11

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 50.

It is several years now since a cycle crossing at Perne Road was moved. It was incorporated into the traffic lights a few metres further along the road when a mini-roundabout was converted to signals at the end of Mill Road. No effort was made at the time to move street furniture (mainly a phone box and a post box) in the way of the new path. Nor were the Give Way markings expunged. They always were over the top anyway.

Give Way to a phone box

Now, contractors have taken it upon themselves to repaint the redundant markings. So we’ve been reminded once again that cyclists should always give way to telephone boxes. Apparently it is all right not to give way to metal railings though, as the equivalent markings on the other side of the road were not repainted.

Ironically, this was done immediately after the County Council said they would remove the markings altogether. So expect a second lot of contractors to come along and erase them before long. Move the phone box as well? Let’s hope.