Cycle Promoter Appointed

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 5.

The Cycle-friendly Employers’ Scheme is getting off the ground properly now. After being awarded a grant from the Department of Transport at Christmas, the steering group partners (ourselves, Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Commission, Action for Health Forum, Cambridge City Council and Cambridge University) have now appointed a cycling promoter. She is Anne Taylor, and will start work on April 1. Anne is a regular cyclist, commuting from one of the villages east of Cambridge.

Anne’s main job is to approach companies in the Cambridge area to set up company cycle travel plans in conjunction with employees. We envisage that existing cyclists will act as liaison between the Scheme and the companies. If your employer could be persuaded to join the scheme, now is the time to start the ball rolling: please get in touch with either me, Dave Earl, or Anne Taylor after April 1, and we can start to build up contacts.

The Scheme has targets of increasing the number of trips made by cycle by 1,000 per day – about 1% of the commuting trips into the City – and to establish 30 company plans in the first year. If successful we would hope to continue it into future years.

One aspect of the Scheme which we can be involved in is training. A significant number of you said on your membership forms that you would like to see more adult training facilities, so the idea is to set up a course through community education, probably from the autumn term. If anyone is interested in helping with this, please contact me, Dave Earl. Some funding to subsidise and set this up is available. Dave Earl