Big Projects

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 5.

At the February monthly meeting, we set up a sub-group to look at what we collectively called “big projects”. This is an umbrella title that covers two main areas:

  • traffic signals, and
  • intimidating junctions.

The group has met once so far and is now following up what we decided. On signals, there are all sorts of complaints, ranging from “why should cars always get priority at all signals” to “why doesn’t the detector loop at Lyndewode Road always detect my bike”. Timing, especially delays after pressing the button on crossings, was a concern. As a result we have written to the County Council identifying some inadequate sensors, and asking for information about policy for timings of signals, with a view changing policy by changing the most unfair sites first, one by one.

Intimidating junctions were exemplified by the Milton and Histon Road roundabouts on the A14. There was widespread support for separate crossings along the lines of the old roads at these junctions: clearly a bridge at Milton, but it was less clear what was preferred at Histon, because of the A14 slip roads. The County wants to build a bridge at Milton too, but cannot get funding, so we decided that this was a campaign best addressed to national bodies: the Department of Transport and MPs, once some initial research had been done.

Mitcham’s Corner also came in for a lot of criticism. We will write separate letters about this to the County Council.

The group will meet again once initial approaches have got some response. If you want to help but missed the meeting, please let us know. Dave Earl