Road Danger Reduction Meeting

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 5.

Reducing road traffic levels is essential to achieving any real safety on the roads. It’s also a goal enjoying wide-spread public support (see report on RTRB Meeting elsewhere in this newsletter). But our streets will not be safer in any real sense until the traffic that remains is subjected to more stringent controls than presently exist.

Road Danger Reduction (RDR) – based on tackling danger at source rather than telling people to “get out of the way” – strikes more directly to the heart of motoring culture because it starts from the premise that the Public Highway should be exactly that, rather than the property of cars and their drivers; people, not just motorists, own the roads, and those people should be entitled to use them in safety.

We referred briefly to York’s achievements in the background to RDR in Newsletter No. 3. Now we have invited one of the people most closely responsible to tell us about it at our next Monthly Meeting.

Ken Spence is a Road Safety Officer experienced with working with schools. He is also a member of the RDR Forum – the “think-tank” of the New Agenda in Road Safety.

Anyone with an interest in helping children to walk or cycle to school in safety, and anyone interested generally in restoring the street to civilisation, is strongly urged to attend:

‘Road Danger Reduction’: Learning from the York Experience
7:30pm, April 2nd 1996
Friends Meeting House