Pass or Fail?

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 49.

At about the time the GCSE and A level results are published, there should also be published a ‘National List’ for every local authority that has responsibility for transport – this includes Cambridgeshire rather than Cambridge City – giving them a score on their achievements in ‘Cycling’. This is being compiled by the English Regions Cycling Development Team. Scores will be given on the content of the Local Transport Plan and on what appears in the Annual Progress Review. There should also be a score on what they’ve actually done.

I don’t expect to see any A*s in these lists: Ungraded is likely to be nearer the average. Will Cambridgeshire be told it is ‘Failing to achieve its potential?’

Look out and see if these results make the National Press. We’ll certainly be reporting them.

Jim Chisholm