Herbert Street open to cycles

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 49.

Thankyou! Herbert Street

As part of the consultation about Mitcham’s Corner we said that Herbert Street – the dead end street between Milton Road and Chesterton Road immediately east of Mitcham’s Corner – should be opened up to bikes. This provides a convenient alternative for some journeys to the gyratory. It was already well used by bumping up onto the pavement (arguably illegally), but was inconvenient because cars often parked across the stopped up end.

Even though it was turned down as part of the Mitcham’s Corner scheme, it has been done anyway at local residents’ request! The island hasn’t been completely removed, but ramps replace kerbs, to cross the old pavement which is resurfaced in red. But the main advantage (apart from legality) of this welcome change is that red strips and double yellow lines give the message that it needs to be kept clear of parked cars.