A clear improvement for the cycle bridge

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 48.

The Cycle Bridge
Dried-on green slime on the cycle bridge near the railway station.

During the summer, various polycarbonate materials will be put on trial to find a replacement for the dirty green material that currently covers the cycle bridge over the railway. It is hoped that a more algae-resistant material will be found, and that it will be possible to clean it from the inside. At present this can only be done from the outside, and this is dangerous because of the railway power cables just below.

A report in the Cambridge Evening News on 16 April stated that ‘residents say that filthy green slime spreading over the windows of the bridge is putting people off using the route to cross the railway line because it makes it look unsafe.’ When the bridge first opened in 1989 you got a fine view of the Gog Magog hills as you cycled across, and children could enjoy watching the trains going in and out of the station below. A new clean and clear covering and a return of the view will be most welcome.

Lisa Woodburn