Promoting cycling

There is much going on behind the scenes at the moment to promote cycling for transport and fun.

Bike Week (14-22 June): Preparation is well underway, with the emphasis particularly on helping those wanting to start cycling – see elsewhere in this Newsletter.

Adult Cycle Training: We are pleased to see that Cambridge’s Adult Cycle Training Scheme is being expanded, and new publicity materials are being produced.

Virtual Cycling Handbook: We are working with the Think Cycling project on a basic guide to starting cycling in Cambridge. The plan is to make it available by Bike Week.

Blue Cycle Signs: Simon Nuttall, at the City Council, is working on a project to replace Cambridge’s network of blue cycle signs, with the hope of also producing an improved cycle map of the city.

Picture of fallen-down sign Wonky, incomplete sign
Cambridge’s cycle network signs – showing their age.

Clare Macrae