Position paper on responsible, legal cycling

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

At the last two monthly meetings we discussed the creation of a new policy paper setting out the Campaign’s ‘official’ view on responsible, legal cycling.

It was felt important that the Campaign should be seen to be advocating responsible, legal cycling, both in a policy statement and through the various initiatives we have been involved in such as the Adult Cycle Training project, Dr Bike events, and so on. The paper also discusses some of the reasons for the level of illegal cycling in Cambridge (while not excusing it) and some of the ways these could be addressed.

The paper is now in the final stages of drafting, and will be presented to the 1 April monthly meeting for ratification. (This meeting is at the usual time and place: 7.30 pm for 8 pm, at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane.)

Once complete, the paper will be available on our website or on request via our normal contact details. We will also make copies available on the stall and distribute them to Councillors, Council officers and others.

Martin Lucas-Smith