This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

Radegund Road

Regarding the item in Newsletter 46, I’ve recently had the joy of cycling along Radegund Road with my daughter in the cycle trailer. I never did understand what was wrong with it before: a nice wide road, no real conflicts, slow traffic.

Now it’s an obstacle course. We have to weave round the cars, and line the bike and trailer up for what is not the widest of gaps. Alternatively you have to go really slowly over the sleeping policeman thing, whilst standing up for your right of way to the oncoming traffic.

Once the cycle lanes get their share of dirt, muck and broken glass the ‘stare down car’ approach will be the only real alternative. I suspect I will now go via Cherry Hinton Road and Coleridge Road, rather than via Birdwood Road, just to avoid it.


Daniel Dignam