Hills Road bus lane proposal

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

Previous bus times on Hills Road measured more than the proposed lane would affect – right up to Long Road traffic lights.

Nothing much has happened since we reported last time that a decision on the much-criticised Hills Road bus lane proposal would be taken in April by the Cambridge Environment and Transport Area Joint Committee.

We have since been told that the decision will be delayed still further, to beyond the local elections on 1 May, as it has become such a politically sensitive decision!

There has been much heated correspondence in the letters column of the Cambridge Evening News, including a recent statement that ‘Further discussion has taken place with the Cambridge Cycle [sic] Campaign and officers have been working with them to find solutions to their concerns.’ Would that this were really true. We did meet the County Council once, as reported last time. We received assurances that the County would repeat its bus timings, this time to the end of the proposed bus lane rather than to the traffic lights. For these new measurements to be valid, it is vital that they are not done whilst the current one-way system on Brooklands Avenue is in effect.

Clare Macrae