2001 Census

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

Here are some useful local snippets from the recently-published census data:

  • In Cambridge in 2001, 25.91% of workers between the ages of 16 and 74 travelled to work by bicycle. This was by far the highest proportion in England and Wales.
  • Oxford was the next highest, at 14.86%, then York at 12.04%, with the Isles of Scilly, Kingston upon Hull and Gosport close behind.
  • In South Cambridgeshire the cycling figure was 6.75% (still well above average).
  • In Cambridge, 41.2% of workers travelled to work by car. This is the lowest percentage in the East, and is 356 out of 376 nationally.
  • However, the figure for the county as a whole was 65%, greater than the England and Wales average of 61.5%.

Just imagine what Cambridge traffic congestion would be like if we had 10% cycling and 57% using the car! More information from:

A few figures from the Travel to Work section.
% who travel to work by Walk Cycle Car Bus
England & Wales 10.01 2.76 61.48 7.40
East of England 9.06 3.88 64.72 3.90
Cambridge 13.99 25.91 41.16 5.18
South Cambridgeshire 5.77 6.75 67.50 4.01
Norwich 22.70 8.75 50.02 8.42
obscure cartoon
Nearly 26% of journeys to work in Cambridge were by bicycle according to the 2001 Census.

Clare Macrae and Jim Chisholm