Cattle Market site

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

Development on the old Cattle Market site is beginning to take shape with Cheffins’ saleroom in full operation and the first block of flats bordering Cherry Hinton Road now occupied. The flats are numbered from 19 to 35 and at the back there are 30 cycle parking spaces – six in the underground car park and 24 under shelter outside the back doors of the flats. However, it is sad that the cycle racks consist of wheel-bending butterfly grips fixed to the wall. I really thought these were a thing of the past as they do not meet local authority standards. They are detrimental to bicycle wheels and are insecure as there is no way of fixing the frame to an immovable object. Cycle parking at Cheffins is inadequate with only four Sheffield racks at the side. Let’s hope things turn out better in the rest of the development. Cattlemarket cycle stand

Lisa Woodburn