Asda get the humps

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

Cyclists face a new danger when visiting Asda and the other stores on the Beehive Centre. No fewer than three of these sharp plastic speed ramps have been installed close together on the access road off Coldham’s Lane. There are no gaps at the edge for cyclists. These humps are so severe and poorly designed that they are likely to throw off an unwary cyclist – especially one laden with heavy shopping. Beehive entrance

Despite being so dangerous that they would be illegal on a public road, these primitive devices continue to be used on private roads such as this because they are so cheap.

After a discussion at the March monthly meeting, four members visited the site to look at its problems. We will be writing to the Beehive Centre management and to Asda with a list of practical suggestions which would improve the environment for cyclists considerably.

speed ramp