Fixing niggles

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 46.

Are there any small annoyances you encounter in your cycling around Cambridge that you would like to see fixed? For example, maybe there’s a bollard in the way of a cycle path, or perhaps a place where a flush kerb would make joining or leaving a path oh-so-much-easier?

Little improvements to niggles like this can make the world of difference on regular cycle journeys, and we’re thinking of starting a Newsletter series about the process involved in getting them fixed.

So, next time you’re frustrated, and think ‘it doesn’t need to be like this,’ drop us a line, telling us what the problem is, and where, and we’ll try to make some of them happen. We’ll let you know in future newsletters how easy, or otherwise, it was to do. A cycling Watchdog or Jim’ll Fix It, if you like.

Clare Macrae