Jubilee Cycleway update

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 46.

jubilee2 jubilee1
Anyone who uses this route regularly will have seen two types of pedestrian gates at the bridges, both of which have been damaged by vandals. These have now been replaced with pram handles, which seem to be vandal proof, on the footpath parts. The link between Ditton Meadows and Ronald Rolph Court (off Wadloes Road) was started a long time ago and we have now been assured that the work should be completed in the spring. This should include moving fences, trimming trees and building a small wall to widen the link to about 3 m – most of it being much narrower than this at present. Also in spring the City Council will review all the cycle signs in the city. This may improve the signs for the Jubilee Cycleway which will form part of Route 51 of the National Cycle Network.

Richard Taylor