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This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 46.

Cycle lanes still under threat

The County Council has deferred making a decision on whether to remove the cycle lanes from a long section of Hills Road (between Cavendish Avenue and Long Road) to make space for an outbound bus lane. Originally the council’s Area Joint Committee was due to consider the results of last autumn’s consultation on 20 January. However, because of the strenuous opposition to this scheme by Cambridge Cycling Campaign, the decision has been deferred to 7 April. See the campaigning update.

Meanwhile on Milton Road the County Council is proposing to remove the cycle lanes from a 250 m section of Milton Road between Woodhead Drive and King’s Hedges Road to make room for an outbound bus lane. The new bus lane will be a total of 325 m in length, and the existing inbound bus lane will be shortened by 50 m to make room for it.

We haven’t yet seen detailed plans for the scheme, but it looks as if the big losers will be inbound cyclists, who will find themselves sharing a narrow lane with all other traffic, and will suffer the same intimidation from drivers wanting to overtake as outbound cyclists already suffer. Pavement cycleways will be provided in both sides of the road.

This was first reported in Newsletter 45. We said then that the new bus lane would be an extension to the existing bus lane, which was incorrect. In fact the new bus lane will be on the opposite side of the road to the existing bus lane. Our apologies for the error.

Milton Road cycle lane
Milton Road cycle lane may go.
Milton Road map

Cycle access still under threat

The informal cycle and pedestrian access route from Garry Drive to Cambridge Science Park is once again under threat. Last autumn, an application by management company Bidwells to erect a security fence and close the access was rejected by South Cambridgeshire District Council. We have now learned that Bidwells are trying to get that decision overturned by making an appeal to the Secretary of State.

This access provides the most direct route to the Science Park from most of King’s Hedges, and the original application to close it was opposed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign, Milton Parish Council and others.

Other news

Work has started on a new roadside cycle path from the edge of Cambridge to the village of Hardwick. The new path, which is about two miles in length, starts on Madingley Road just west of the M11 junction and runs to the edge of the village. Unfortunately cyclists will have to stop and give way at the junctions with the side roads that lead to Coton and to Comberton, as well as at a number of side entrances. Nevertheless the new route will be a welcome alternative to the A1303. The new route passes the American Cemetery, which will become much more accessible by cycle as a result. Roadside cycle path to Hardwick
A roadside cycle path to Hardwick is under construction,

Also under construction is a traffic calming scheme on Norfolk Street in the Petersfield Area, consisting mainly of raised tables to reduce vehicle speeds.

The Highways Agency has awarded the contract to build the long-awaited new cycle bridge over the A14 to Milton to John Mowlem and Co for £1.95M. The centre span should be lifted into place in September, and the bridge should open for traffic in December 2003 or spring 2004.