Fulbourn Old Drift

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 46.

fulbourn1 The cycle path alongside the railway line to replace Fulbourn Old Drift is now open. It is an important link, one of the few off-road paths constructed by the County Council, and has been many years in the making. The level crossing behind Fulbourn Hospital – the need to replace this being the reason for building the new path in the first place – is now closed.

Great care is needed at the half way point where the junction with the new cycle entrance to Tesco is right next to a blind corner.

fulbourn2 The day after the last Newsletter went to the printers, the County Council apparently changed its mind, and has now installed a proper dropped kerb at Fulbourn Old Drift. It is still a great shame that this isn’t a proper T-junction with the main road, rather than this contorted arrangement of shared-use, bollards, bends and chicanes. The other end of the path also suffers from a very inconveniently placed bollard. The reasoning there is to prevent people abandoning cars on the path.