Ancient road route re-routed

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 45.

The new cycle path between Fulbourn Old Drift and Yarrow Road, through supermarket, hospital and railway land, should be open by the time you read this. It forms a section of the Cherry Hinton-Fulbourn cycle route and avoids the need to cross the railway at a bridleway crossing where cyclists currently have to dismount and pass through two swing gates. That crossing will now be closed for safety reasons. The new route, which also offers improved access to Tesco, is constructed to a good standard except for a short section where the path is only 2 m wide alongside a wall (limited by the railway on the other, but narrower than originally anticipated). This width constriction is exacerbated by an unexpected bollard placed in the narrowest section. While access into the city side of Fulbourn Old Drift has been improved a little by some dropped kerbs and a widened gap through a chicane barrier, there still is no way to drop down onto the road properly at the other side, as we had expected. It also appears that a planned link to a nearby pelican crossing will not now go ahead.

Image as described adjacent
A chicane at the Cherry Hinton side of Fulbourn Old Drift has been widened, but there is still no dropped kerb on the other side.