Grafton safety

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 45.

Image as described adjacent This exit from the Grafton Centre’s main car park in East Road was made much narrower recently, without any consultation, despite the fact that it forms part of a cycle route around the north side of the Grafton Centre and an important alternative to the bike ban in nearby Burleigh Street. This point on the route has always been difficult, with city-bound cyclists having to cross a stream of cars leaving the car park, but has now been made almost impossible to use safely. The no-entry sign in the background says ‘access for cycles only’, confirming that this remains, at least in theory, an official two-way cycle route. Cambridge City Council, the organisation responsible for multi-storey car-parks in Cambridge, declined to comment.
Image as described adjacent The same location in April 1999, showing that there used to be enough width for a bike and a car to pass.