Bike art

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 44.

In our report on Bike Week in Newsletter 43 we did not have space for a full report on the Bicycle Art Competition. We were delighted with the entries and we thought readers would like to see the four winning entries. We would like to thank Ben Hayward’s, and H Drake for their generosity in providing three of the prizes.

Image as described adjacent

Michael Barnes won first prize, a £200 voucher from Ben Hayward, with this spread of five posters.

Image as described adjacent Les Waters won second prize, a voucher for £100, with this first day cover.
Claudia Anne Cope won third prize, a £30 voucher from H Drake, for this face made of cycle parts. Image as described adjacent
Image as described adjacent Leila Dorling won fourth prize, £15, for this bicycle made from quilled paper.

Bikeweek poster

The Cycling Campaign posters are available in A4 and A3 laminated form or as A1 unlaminated posters. If you have the opportunity to display these – at college, library, hospital, surgery, village fair, etc. – you are welcome to borrow them.