Cycle parking – ‘Take a Stand’

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 44.

Take a Stand is a scheme that provides matched funding (up to 50%) for cycle parking facilities for employers in and around Cambridge. It is run and funded by the Cambridgeshire Travel for Work Partnership together with Cambridge City Council.

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Take a Stand recognises that good cycle parking facilities at the workplace can make a big difference to staff travel choices. It can often make the difference between an employee choosing to cycle to work, rather than commuting by in other ways (including the car).

The way it works is that employers fill in an application form with details of the cycle parking (for example, bike racks, bike racks with roofs, etc.) that they are planning on developing, and the cost of their proposed project. The bids, which must include the design specifications of the proposed cycle parking, are considered against a range of criteria (for example, the location of the cycle parking on the work site, integration with other measures to support cycling, estimated effects on travel behaviour, etc.). Funding is provided for successful bidders.

Good cycle parking facilities at the workplace can make a big difference to staff travel choices

Employers are responsible for the construction of the cycle parking facilities. The bidding guidance includes details of contractors around Cambridge.

Application forms and guidance notes for employers will be available from 9 September with any funds being disbursed by the end of February 2003. The project has already been run successfully earlier this year, with new cycle parking supported at the Institute of Astronomy and Brookfields Hospital.

Application forms are available from Travel for Work, phone (01223) 712429, c/o Cambridgeshire County Council, Box ET1007, Room B313, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP. phone

Bill Park Weir