Neighbourhood Watch

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 44.

On 20 July 2002 Girton Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) organised an Open Day. The aim was to make our community more aware of NHW activities and to introduce our local Community Beat Officer and some other members of the Histon Police force. Although the start coincided with a spectacular thunderstorm, we had a good steady stream of people coming through.

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Douglas gets to work on a visitor’s bike.

Among the stands was a Cycling Security and Safety stand, displaying posters and a number of cycle safety devices, from locks through fluorescent clothing and helmets to lights. We were very grateful to Chris’ Bikes for the loan of the equipment, which was offered for sale (though, of course, no-one had money on them!).

As I talked to people who came through I was interested to discover how unaware many were of the progress which has been made in cycle lighting over the past decade or so. It was good to be able to demonstrate how small and portable, yet bright and reliable, modern lights can be.

Cycle post coding was offered on the spot, using an engraving tool; and it’s good to report that there are now five more cycles in Girton at significantly less risk of being stolen.

Douglas de Lacey

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One of our advertising posters.