Ground work

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 43.

We are planning a couple of practical exercises in the near future. If you are able to help, please get in touch.

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Shelford Road: Widespread abuse of bus and cycle lanes.

Anyone who uses Shelford Road knows that abuse and infringement of both the bus lane and cycle lane is rampant. Even before it was reorganised, motorists regularly abused the cycle lane leading up to the lights at Hauxton Road. It is so widespread that we think some mild direct action to highlight the problem is in order.

Now that they are more familiar, queue jumpers in Newmarket Road are using bus-and-cycle lanes too, but Shelford Road is probably the most significant from our point of view.

Red light jumpers

More generally, cyclists are vituperatively criticised for jumping red traffic signals. The sins of the minority are heaped on everyone in a way that motoring offences never are by motorists on motorists. Yet red light jumping is as common among drivers as among cyclists.

Of course the technique is different. Most phases of many lights see motorists that have the opportunity go through after a light has turned red. As well as the obvious danger, this leads to increased delays for everyone except the selfish light-jumper because the lights have to have longer cycle times as a precaution. This makes a vicious circle, of course.

So we thought we would take a fairly objective look at the problem by taking some video footage at selected junctions. We would appreciate help with this, if anyone can spare an hour or two early on Thursday 22 August – see the Diary later in the newsletter.