Making life easier… (14) Fix your bungees

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 43.

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Cable ties have prevented bungees from being stolen so far.

It’s amazing how anything left loose on a bike will sooner or later be stolen, however little intrinsic value it has. Bungees – those elastic straps with hooks which are commonly used for strapping luggage to a carrier – are a prime example. Costing only a pound or so, their loss is more irritating than financial. And, of course, they get stolen at the critical time when you have an extra object to carry. Not leaving them on the bike risks not having one to hand when you need to carry something.

So I’ve tried fixing two bungees to my carrier using cable ties. So far, touch wood, they have remained on my bike, ready to do service at a moment’s notice.

Once fastened, these plastic strips are difficult to remove without a cutting tool. They are widely available at electrical component suppliers, for example from Maplin on Regent Street or H Gee on Mill Road, 1p to 5p each depending on the size.

While on the subject of bungees, Lisa Woodburn suggests that a redundant inner tube fitted with bungee hooks makes a very effective DIY equivalent. She says they are better than ready-made bungees because they are so much longer and stretchier.

David Earl