New crossings

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 42.

Image as described adjacent

Several new signalled crossings have been installed in the east of the city in the last couple of months. This one, in Cherry Hinton near the Robin Hood pub, not yet commissioned when we photographed it, is a significant aid for cyclists using the shared-use path heading towards town or the long-standing link path through from Cherry Hinton. It is at the point where the shared-use ends and cyclists must cross the road.

What a pity, therefore, that the crossing is not a ‘toucan’, and therefore it is an offence for cyclists to cycle across it. Also, it has been positioned exactly at the point where out-bound cyclists join the path, leading to conflict with any pedestrians waiting to cross. You can even still see the old markings on the road underneath the new ones.

Another new crossing in Cherry Hinton High Street further adds to the bizarre cycling facilities in that area, the new markings leading cyclists briefly between pedestrian safety barriers and then right across the pedestrian waiting area.