Progress on Sustrans routes

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 41.

Although some members feel that the Campaign should only work for ‘road space reallocation’, the Campaign is happy to support the proposed Sustrans routes in the area. They can provide faster commuting routes, and routes where youngsters can learn cycling skills before venturing onto busy roads.

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The first section of the Jubilee Cycleway to open will run from the Green Dragon bridge, alongside the Cam, under the rail bridge, across Ditton Meadows and the Wadloes path leading to the Newmarket Road Park and Ride and the ‘tunnel’ under the A14. Much effort and hard work, by Sustrans and others, has gone into this section and it should be in use by Easter. It was hoped to use ‘recycled’ road planings for the base, and a stock had been built up at a Council depot. Delays last year, due to wet weather and Foot and Mouth restrictions, have allowed these to set into an unusable mass, hence the use of more conventional but less sustainable materials.

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Was this laid down after too much time in the pub?

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This platform built-out over the river and under the railway bridge is narrow, at only 1.5 metres, so as not to impede navigation.

Much of the design and construction is of a high standard, but the recently tarmaced, but as yet unfinished section from the Green Dragon to the railway bridges, is a disappointment. Carefully laid out with sweeping horizontal and small vertical curves, it could have been a pleasing sight, but it seems to have been thrown down with no thought to line or level.

Progress on other sections is slower. The Milton A14 bridge is delayed whilst tests ensure it does not wobble, and other sections, both north and south of Cambridge, are complicated by the possibility of guided buses (see ‘SuperCAM’ article). Prospects for ‘Route 11’ from Saffron Walden are improving, with a route from Great Shelford adjacent to the railway being negotiated. This should reach Addenbrooke’s, and is eagerly awaited.

Jim Chisholm