Trumpington Road – the continued grief

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 41.

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Because of the poor profile and smooth surface on the raised white line here, at least nine cyclists have fallen off. The width of the cycle section is incorrect: we pointed this out the day after it was laid. It is impossible to pass another cyclist without crossing this line (which is an offence). Some correction of the line has been done.

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With a bump up of about 20 mm this is no ‘flush’ kerb. To reduce the discomfort of riding over it, many cyclists stand on the pedals when entering the shared use path.

In the Newsletter 40, I was rash enough to write that there were a number of ‘snagging’ items which I hoped would be resolved before that article was read.

My optimism was misplaced. Even though reminders about these items have been sent to WS Atkins via the County Council, we have not had even the courtesy of a reply. In addition, several new items have been added to the list, and a spate of spills to cyclists occurred when a white line was laid to an appalling standard.

I fail to understand how a supposedly reputable consultant can allow a job like this to drag on for over eight months, and make so many errors on the way. The Campaign will be writing to senior management at WS Atkins to ask them what is going on.

We will still conduct an audit of the route with the County Council, but there seems little point until agreed problems have been corrected.

Jim Chisholm

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The appearance of ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs at the two new toucan crossings (showing a green cycle light) suggests the presence of insanity or incompetence.

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Numerous new direction signs over the cycle path are much lower than the minimum height given in the ‘Council’s Network Management Plan’