Planning consultations

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 41.

Cambridgeshire Structure Plan

The Structure Plan is the statutory document that provides the policy framework for development in Cambridgeshire. The current plan was adopted in December 1995 and covers the period up to 2006.

The County Council is currently consulting on the next version of the Structure Plan. Comments on the so-called ‘Deposit Draft Structure Plan’ should be made by 22 April.

Of particular note for cycling in the draft plan is this policy statement:

Policy P8/8 – Encouraging walking and cycling

The capacity, quality and safety of walking and cycling networks will be increased to promote their use, minimise motorised travel and to realise health improvements. All new development must provide safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle environments including adequate cycle parking, and contribute towards the wider encouragement of cycling and walking.

Full details are at:

Cambridge Local Plan

When the new County Structure Plan is finalised, the local district councils will review their Local Plans.

Information about this process is available at:

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