Milton update

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 41.

The latest news on the Milton cycle bridge is that after some delays, not least because there was a worry that the bridge might experience ‘Millennium Bridge wobble’, work is now expected to start in June. It is expected to take about a year to complete. The bridge is going to be named after local councillor Jane Coston, who has been campaigning for the bridge to be built for the last decade.

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A broken bollard means that cars now park on this path when the chip shop nearby is busy, blocking it completely.

Meanwhile, over a year after the Milton village cycle scheme was ‘completed’, the parish council continues to battle with County Council officers to get various unsatisfactory items sorted out. For example, poorly designed drainage results in ‘lakes’ appearing in front of the hump at the Coles Road-Cambridge Road junction and elsewhere. In other places, the red tarmac on the road is already in poor condition and will need replacing. These issues are a hazard to all road users.

However, probably the most important issue from a cycle viewpoint is the bollard protecting the off-road shared use path outside the fish and chip shop. This was broken by a lorry and was not replaced. As a result, cars now park on the path when the chip shop is busy, blocking it completely: cyclists heading north have been seen going into the road (opposing the traffic!) in order to get past. The County Council initially said they didn’t want to replace the bollard as it would only be broken again. After the Parish Council applied pressure, because of their concerns for cyclists, the County Council have agreed to replace it.

Paul Oldham