CTC affiliation and insurance

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 40.

Those of you who opted for third-party insurance should have received letters at the end of November telling you that we have had to terminate our third-party insurance arrangements. (If you did not, please contact us as soon as possible).

As we reported in the last Newsletter, the CTC, who offered this to us as a benefit of our affiliation, more than trebled the cost whilst substantially reducing the useful cover. Had this been all, we might have been able to live with it, but the way in which payment was structured meant we had no choice but to withdraw. We are still actively looking for an alternative, but this is a specialised policy that is very hard to obtain.

In taking this action in the way they did, it is clear they wanted everyone to become CTC members instead of members of independent local groups like the Cambridge Cycling Campaign. As a measure of protest, and because the advantages of affiliation are so very much reduced, we have not re-affiliated to the CTC this year.

David Earl