This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 4.

Third-party Insurance

Several people took advantage of this scheme, organised through our affiliation to the CTC. You’ll be receiving confirmation and details of your cover in due course.

Christmas Party

Where were you all? I know I’m only living in a little house, but there would have easily been room for at least five times as many people as actually came! While there’s no social announced in this Newsletter, keep your eyes open for forthcoming events in subsequent issues. We’ll try to give you plenty of notice so you can plan to be there.

“Cycle Strategy” Responded

The subgroup has met several times to formulate a reasoned and constructive response to the “Cycle Strategy”. Their document is now complete and will be with the council by the time you’re reading this.

It’s rather too long to reproduce in the newsletter, but you can request a copy of the response by writing to the Campaign at the usual address (at the end of the newsletter). The full text will also be available on our Web site soon.