Wobble To Wales

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 4.

The next CCN/CTC joint conference will be in Cardiff on Saturday 20th April. The agenda has not yet been quite finalised, but will probably include the National Cycling Policy, the CTC’s Best Practice report, Sustrans’ network design guide and various workshops on skills.

A speaker from the Welsh Office is being sought to talk about cycling policy in Wales (in an attempt to get someone to think about having one!). Full details should be available in February with booking forms to follow in February/March. The conference fee will probably be around £5 per head.

If you’re in the CTC you’ll probably hear about it direct from them. However, the Campaign is affiliated to both groups, so we will get the details too. Therefore, you should be able to find out more at one of our meetings or by contacting one of our elected officers directly.