This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 39.

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The obstructions subgroup met in September. Our purpose is to campaign for the removal of all those physical obstructions that make cycling around Cambridge more difficult than it needs to be. We’re thinking of things like bollards, narrow gaps, chicanes and pinch stiles which are inconvenient for all, but can make routes impassable for cyclists carrying children or towing a trailer.

Because there is such a large number and wide variety of cycle route obstructions within the Cambridge area, our initial task is to identify a small number of locations (10 or so) which represent the most ‘unnecessary impediments to cyclists, pedestrians and persons using other forms of non-motorised transport.’ These will be visited, photographed and discussed at a future meeting (date to be announced). Recommendations for improvement will be compiled on an individual basis since the obstructions vary in their physical nature and in their purpose (although in some instances their purpose no longer exists – such obstructions should simply be removed).

The subgroup is now co-ordinated by Nigel Deakin. Many thanks to Martyn Smith for getting the subgroup launched. If you feel strongly that a particular obstruction should be targeted, please tell me.

Nigel Deakin phone 311073 e-mail nigel.deakin@espansiva.co.uk