Emmanuel Road area

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 39.

A mixed bag of measures in and around Emmanuel Road has been approved by councillors. Here are the main changes that affect cyclists.

New cycle route

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Maid’s Causeway to King Street: where the new cycle route will go

A new cycle route is going to be constructed between Midsummer Common and Short Street/King Street. Cyclists will be able to leave Midsummer Common using the existing cattle grid nearest to the Four Lamps roundabout and then cross the three lanes of Maid’s Causeway on a raised ramp (but without the assistance of traffic signals). They will then turn right and ride on the Maid’s Causeway pavement to the corner opposite the end of King Street, where they will either turn left into Short Street or wait for a gap in the traffic before crossing over into King Street. The pavement will be extended on this corner, creating a possible ‘pinch point’ for cyclists on the road, and the crossing to King Street will be reconstructed, probably replacing the present flush surfaces with low kerbs.

The resulting cycle route may be useful to some cyclists wishing to get from Midsummer Common to King Street without using the Four Lamps roundabout. However, cyclists heading for Jesus Lane will still need to use the roundabout, and those heading for Emmanuel Road and Drummer Street would be much better advised to use the nearby toucan crossing into Fair Street.

In addition, a low ramp is to be constructed across the entrance to Short Street. The idea is to discourage unauthorised motorists from entering the area and approaching the rising bollards on Emmanuel Road.

New pinch point threat

A new pedestrian crossing point is to be installed across Drummer Street near to the junction with Emmanuel Road. With a taxi rank on one side of this road and several coach stops on the other, this congested location is difficult for both cyclists and pedestrians. Council officers proposed a zebra crossing with build-outs on both sides, despite our having expressed strong objection to this during consultation. In the event, councillors rejected this and sent the plans back to the officers to think again. We do not know what the new plans will propose; the threat of a build-out on at least one side of the road here remains.