Virtually moving

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 38.


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Post: PO Box 204, Cambridge CB4 3FN

From 1 October 2001, Cambridge Cycling Campaign will have its own email address, Internet address and phone number.

We’ve been living on borrowed addresses and numbers since we started, though we obtained our own postal address a few years ago. We felt it was time to strengthen the Campaign’s identity and have more direct control over these important points of contact. We can also now afford to do this; the Campaign’s September general meeting approved funding for these changes.

We have to change materials to reflect the new insurance rates (third party insurance will rise to £3.50 from 1 October – see Newsletter 37 ). We also want to order new items with our contact details on them. Also, unfortunately, our old fax service has been withdrawn. So now is a good time to make the changes all at once. The old addresses will still work for the foreseeable future – there are lots of copies of our old details in circulation.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to redesign some of our materials to give a more consistent appearance to what we do, and to include the Campaign’s tag line (or ‘mission statement,’ if you must). Much work has gone into updating the web site, to make it easier to manage. Thanks to Martin Lucas-Smith for this: Martin will now be our webmaster. But don’t be alarmed, we’re not changing things too dramatically.

Thank you also to the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre who have generously allowed us to use more and more of their web space over the last six years.

David Earl