Your streets this month

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 38.

Yet another buildout

Yet another footway buildout is to be constructed in Queen’s Road, at a new pelican crossing near Clare College. Construction will have started by the time you read this. This will cause a hazard to southbound cyclists, especially at those times when there are few parked cars (such as the morning peak, when parking is prohibited). When we asked the council to remove the buildout, we were told that this would only be possible if they removed additional car parking spaces and they were not prepared to do this. A pedestrian crossing is badly needed here. But why does the safety of cyclists have to be made worse merely to save a few car parking spaces for shoppers?

Image as described adjacent
Midsummer Common to Riverside: a direct route under Elizabeth Way bridge

Now Open

At long last the major streetscape works in Magdalene Street and Bridge Street are – just about – complete. There’s a one-way priority flow system in Magdalene Street, a reduced-width advanced stop line at the Chesterton Road end, two-way flow through the rising bollards (and a possible new hazard for cyclists), and new road markings at the Round Church junction. See article.

Nearing completion

A number of welcome improvements along the Riverside Corridor are now nearing completion. On Jesus Green, a new cycle access by the Rat and Parrot pub is now complete. This allows cyclists to ride between the riverside path and Thompson’s Lane without the need to use a narrow pinch stile. Where beer lorries and other vehicles blocked this access, additional bollards were later installed to prevent pavement parking.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent
Outside the Rat and Parrot, before and after the bollards to prevent pavement parking and obstruction of the cycle route were installed

On Midsummer Common, a cattle grid is under construction at the Auckland Road access point – this will greatly improve links to the Grafton Centre. On Riverside a short length of cycleway is nearing completion along the very wide pavement under Elizabeth Way to allow cyclists to take the most direct route between Midsummer Common and Riverside. Finally, on Stourbridge Common, a cattle grid for cyclists is being introduced at the access point from Garlic Row, avoiding the need for cyclists to use a swing gate. A new path across Stourbridge Common will link Riverside and Garlic Row.

Image as described adjacent
The Garlic Row exit from Stourbridge Common. A cattle grid for cyclists should replace the weighted gate at the right here


We reported in Newsletter 37 that a number of improvements for cyclists were being considered for Newmarket Road. Detailed proposals have now been announced: see article.

Proposals have been announced for traffic signals and cycleway improvements at the B1102/A1303 junction east of Cambridge. This is the junction a few hundred metres north of the Quy Roundabout ; the B1102 forks left to the Swaffhams and Burwell and the A1303 forks right towards Bottisham. The main changes here are traffic signals (to reduce collisions between cars), a toucan crossing across the B1102 and short lengths of cycleway to improve access to the tunnel under the A14. See article.