Shop until you drop

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 38.

The list of maps of Cambridge produced by the County Council is growing. The most recently published map is the Cambridge City Centre Shopping and Access Map. This is actually a collection of three maps on one sheet, together with lots of information about all modes of transport, and the various shopping areas of Cambridge. The ‘Cambridge Cycle Access’ map on the reverse usefully includes several city-centre cycle parking locations. A summary of the Park and Ride sites also lists the number of cycle racks and lockers at each site.

Cambridge Centre Map

We’ve mentioned the Delivery Route Map before. The city centre has been divided into eight named areas. This map shows how to reach (by motor vehicle) the entry and exit points for each one. Recently, light-blue signs have been installed around the city centre marking these named areas.

The separate Cycle Route Map, which Campaign members helped produce, is the third one featured. You can also find this map on the web, albeit without a key to explain the colour scheme and symbols.

There will soon be four maps in this series:

Map Web address

Cycle Routes [PDF]

Delivery Route

Shopping and Access [PDF]

Disabled Access Due to be published soon

Copies of all the maps are available from Lindsey Rushmore phone (01223) 712455 e-mail . She is also collating comments and corrections for the cycle route map.

Clare Macrae