New Travel for Work Adviser

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 38.

Bill Park Weir

I am delighted to introduce myself to readers of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign Newsletter. As the Travel for Work Adviser, I provide expertise to businesses to help them reduce their travel costs. The scheme and its sister project, Cycle Friendly Employers, both report to a steering group of regional development partners that includes the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

Lower business mileage costs, improved staff productivity, better staff retention and recruitment, and more impressed customers can all be achieved by getting transport right. I can provide free support to help design simple and practical measures, consistent with broader company objectives, in a workable Travel Plan.

The way employers approach transport issues affects all of us, both as employees and local residents. Smart organisations know that it’s important to consider employees and the wider community to fully realise the benefits of better transport. The bigger picture is wider environmental, transport and health benefits for everyone.

I come from a background that includes consultancy, regional development and business support. While my role includes maintaining a network of contacts with transport interests and responsibilities, the best insights often come from individuals rather than organisations. Perhaps you have a bright idea about how your employer could get to grips with a transport issue?

Please get in touch if there is any matter that I could help you with.

Bill Park Weir
Travel for Work Adviser, Cambridgeshire County Council
phone (01223) 712429 e-mail