Germany trip – new destination

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 37.

We’ve decided to change the destination of this year’s Cambridge Cycling Campaign fact-finding trip to Germany. We will now be visiting the city of Münster in the flat and park-like north-west. This historic city styles itself as the ‘cycling capital of Germany’; here are a few ‘facts’ I discovered. One of the aims of our visit will be to judge whether things are as good as they seem!

  • There are half a million bikes in a city of 280 000 inhabitants
  • On average every citizen spends 15 minutes on a bike per day
  • Cyclists account for 40% of overall city traffic
  • There are 255 km of special cycle tracks
  • At big crossings cyclists have their own traffic lights and stop areas
  • A parking area near the main station can take 3300 bikes
  • 6000 jobs in Münster depend on the production, trade and repair of bikes
  • One third of the tourists in Münster are cyclists
  • The Münsterland (the area around Münster) has 4000 km of signposted routes for cyclists

About eight members have expressed an interest in coming along. If you haven’t already done so then it’s not too late. The trip will take place over the weekend of 1 September. We plan to travel out by plane and train on Friday afternoon and stay two nights in a hotel. We hope to spend Saturday exploring the city on bikes with the help of local cyclists; on Sunday there should be time to go for a leisurely ride in the Münsterland countryside before returning home to Cambridge. If you are interested in coming along (there’s still no need to commit yourself at this stage) then please contact Nigel Deakin on 311073.

Nigel Deakin