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This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 36.

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Recent news

Three one-way streets are now open for use by cyclists in both directions. These are Bene’t Street in the city centre, Burleigh Street (the East Road end) near the Grafton Centre and Hope Street off Mill Road. These changes have been introduced as an experiment, to see whether cyclists can be exempted from one-way restrictions without the need for quite as many signs and bollards as have been used up to now. The experiment will run for one year. However, the new arrangements in Bene’t Street are already causing concern, with a footway buildout at the King’s Parade-end forcing cyclists into the path of oncoming motorists. Comments, to Richard Preston and to us, are especially encouraged.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent
Bene’t Street can now be used as a two-way street by cyclists, but its continuation, Wheeler Street, cannot

Wilberforce Road has been closed to through motor traffic. This is the last stage of the Grange Road traffic-calming scheme and will mean much less traffic on Adams Road. Cyclists have been officially exempted from the closure and can ride through the new bollards with ease. Instead of signposting the closure with ‘no motor vehicles’ signs as usual, the City Council has used no-entry signs. From the comments we have received, it seems that not everyone notices the Cycles Only signs on bollards next to the closure. Comments to John Isherwood.

Both Cambridge cycle routes that were recently closed because of Foot and Mouth disease have now been reopened. These are the Cambridge to Coton Cycleway and the towpath along the River Cam from Chesterton to Milton.

Future plans

A major traffic-calming scheme is being proposed for the Chesterton High Street area. The proposals consist mainly of raised ‘speed tables’ at various junctions and pedestrian crossings, and the replacement of the High Street/Water Lane mini-roundabout with an ordinary T-junction. Comments to Andy Thompson.

A number of improvements along the ‘Riverside Corridor’ have been announced. On Jesus Green, the pinch stile by the Rat and Parrot Pub is to be removed and an access point provided further away from the pub in order to reduce conflict with pedestrians and parked beer lorries. On Midsummer Common,the pinch stile at Auckland Road is to be removed and replaced by a cattle grid. On Riverside,a short length of cycleway is to be constructed along the (very wide) pavement under Elizabeth Way to allow cyclists to take the most direct route between Midsummer Common and Riverside. Finally, on Stourbridge Common, a cattle grid for cyclists is to be introduced at the access point from Garlic Row. The existing cattle grid here, which provides access for service vehicles, is unsuitable for cyclists and is usually closed with a locked gate forcing cyclists to use the adjacent pedestrian gate. Comments to John Isherwood.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent
This pinch stile beside the Rat & Parrot may be widened soon Under Elizabeth Way, an official cycleway will be added to this very wide pavement along the direct line to Riverside

The junctions of Grange Road with Sidgwick Avenue and with West Road are to be converted to mini-roundabouts. When the Grange Road traffic-calming scheme was introduced last year, these two T-junctions were given raised tables with ‘Give Way to the Right’ signs on all three approaches. The County Council has now accepted that this is confusing and that more familiar mini-roundabouts should be used instead. Comments to Bob Menzies.

Image as described adjacent
Cowley Road: a new cycle route will lead to the new cycle bridge over the A14 to Milton

Proposals have been announced for a new cycleway to link Milton Road with the new bridge over the A14. The new cycleway will run alongside along the east side of the old Milton Road (now renamed Cowley Road ) between the bridge and the existing cycle tracks further south. To make room for the new cycleway, the existing transverse parking spaces will be replaced with parallel spaces. Comments to John Richards.

Addresses for comments

John Isherwood, Senior Engineer, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3JQ.

Andy Thompson, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3JQ.

Bob Menzies, Road Safety and Signals Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.

Richard Preston, Team Leader (Cambridge projects), Mailbox ET1018, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.

John Richards, Cambridgeshire County Council, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.