The Local Plan

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 36.

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The University of Cambridge’s ambitious plan

Cambridge Local Plan is entering a round of consultations leading up to the adoption of a new Plan in 2005-6. Currently ‘pre-deposit’ consultations are taking place with the first public ‘deposit plan’ expected early next year. This process is trailing the County Council ‘Structure Plan’ where the ‘deposit plan’ should be published later this year. It is partly because these plans set policy for years to come that many extremely large projects are now being publicised. The University’s NW Cambridge Plan and Addenbrooke’s Hospital’s 2020 vision are among many such projects. If developers can get their broad objectives into these plans, longer term success is more likely. Perhaps we can hope the whole of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s proposed cycle/pedestrian route along the rail corridor from Histon and Milton in the north to Trumpington and Shelford in the south will be in the first ‘deposit’ draft of these plans?

Jim Chisholm