Safer Cycling promoter

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 36.

The number of people employed either to improve the lot of Cambridgeshire cyclists, or to promote cycling, continues to grow. We asked the newest one, Catherine Harvey, to tell us about her role.

My name is Catherine Harvey and I would like to introduce myself as Project Manager for Promoting Safer Cycling in Cambridgeshire. I began my employment on 26 March this year and I will work with the Health Authority and the County Council over the next twelve months to project-manage the implementation of a joint approach to promoting cycling and reducing cycling casualties (by promoting safer cycling). The project has been given the identity Think Cycling so keep your eyes ‘peeled’ for some new messages and awareness campaigns across the county!

So far, Think Cycling is planning a ‘bus-back’ sticker campaign. These stickers will give a clear message to all those who cycle around Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon warning them of the danger of cycling up the left side of long vehicles which are turning left. The sticker campaign aims to significantly reduce this kind of accident.

The project is also working hard with the Cambridge Cycling Campaign to actively promote the Cambridge Festival of Cycling which takes place from 16 to 24 June. From late May there will be adverts and features in Adhoc magazine in Cambridge supporting the Festival and emphasising the benefits of getting that bike out! In addition, in Peterborough, Cambridge and Huntingdon, local newspapers have given their support reporting stories which focus on people who now cycle regularly. These features will help raise the profile of cycling as an activity and complement the structured advertising campaigns. All of these initiatives will be supported by a radio campaign.

Working with various partners (Travelwise, LTP, Health Authority, Road Safety, TFW, Safer Routes to Schools and, of course, Cambridge Cycling Campaign) I intend to develop a forward business plan to agree future outcomes, resources and the management of promoting Safer Cycling.

I am based in an office at Castle Court and can be contacted on (01223) 712455 or by e-mail at